Semua Yang Tertunda

Saya tidak tahu apa yang sedang terjadi *haduh kalimatnya serasa dialog sinetron*.  Intinya ada something wrong dalam diri saya akhir-akhir ini (atau sejak dulu?). Saya kehilangan mood dalam berbagai aspek kehidupan, bukan bad mood karena saya baik baik saja dan secara emosi juga cukup terkontrol. Tidak ingin melakukan sesuatu saja, hmm… named it ‘blank mood’. Continue reading

[REVIEW] SK II Pitera Set: Facial Treatment Essence, Clear Lotion, And Mask

After passed trough semi-military basic employee training for a month, I was frustated with my face problem such as uneven skin tone, acnes, dry skin, and skin peeled off. I think it is time for a better skincare, I really … Continue reading

EF #3 How Gadget Affects My Life

Source: Google

Source: Google

Gadget such as smartphone, computer, laptop, and tablet become inseparable tools in our life today. Through the appearance of them, we can reach anyone, anytime, anywhere, by press of a button. So, about EF Challange theme this week, how gadget affects my life?  I will answer: it affects all aspects of my life. Almost impossible to life without. Continue reading

How I Miss Them So Much


Akhir-akhir ini saya sering homesick. Kangen mama dan adek terutama. Kemarin pagi mama nelpon nanyain kabar dan cerita macem-macem, salah satunya tentang kakak ipar saya yang lagi hamil. Huraaaay bakal punya ponakan baru. Terus mama juga pindah tugas ke sekolah yang lebih dekat dari rumah, sibuk ngurus macem macem jadinya nggak sempet nengok saya. Saya juga sibuk nggak sempet pulang. Hikz… Pengen nangis rasanya. 😭 Continue reading

EF #2, My Wildest Dream: Be A Mutant Maker

English Friday Challenge this week is very interesting: the wildest dream. I have a lot of dreams, don’t know which the wildest one. I will tell you about my old dream -since Senior High School-, that is I want to be a geneticist or mutant maker as my friend said 😀


Source: Google


Why a geneticist? Because I love Biology so much especially about DNA. When I was Senior High School Student, I meet a first Indonesian doctor of DNA. He amazed me with all his genetic knowledge. Genetics is future science that grow rapidly, one of which is a stem cell technology are widely used in treat of various diseases.  It is being develope especially for untreated diseases such as cancer. That will be my honor if i can take part in.


I believe there will time for the dream someday

#1 EF- The Word for 2015: WORK HARD


I’ve joined in Blog English Club (BEC). This is my first -late- post for English Friday Challenge. Today theme is about “What is your word for 2015?“. I think my word for 2015 is work hard. No, it doesn’t mean that I’m a workaholic.

I started working in BPJS Kesehatan since March 2014. I was responsible for the health insurance claims in a type B hospital, but it’s turned into four hospital now. It’s not easy work under a very big pressure. I need a good schedule to finish all of my job deadlines. No time for anything but work. It will be continue until I get a new decision letter from my director.

2015 will be a full of hard work. Wish me a miracle to pass all of this perfectly. There always be a rainbow after the rain. Just enjoy it…

*so sorry fo my bad grammar and very short post… Good night.