Doraemon has always been my favourite character since I was child. If I have a chance to grab a tool from doraemon’s magic pocket, I will choose a Time Furoshiki or Time cloth. 


source: Google


Time Furoshiki or Time Cloth has two different colored sides, it has ability to advance or reverse time depending on which side you usedThe tool is converting an object back to its starting material, repairing broken things, making people younger, restoring old fossils, and turn old stuff into new product. You just need to wrap the thing or people by the time cloth, and it will change into a new version.

Why I choose time cloth? The tool will be very precious for pepole in the world. I think everyone, especially women, want to keep young, healthy, and beauty for a longer. Just wrap yourself!!! No need an expensive skincare nor facial session in beauty clinic. No more aging issues that make many woman frustated. Plastic surgery will be out of date because of that magic tool. What a wonderful life. Hehehe…

Beside that, the tool can fix a broken thing. Imagine your smartphone was broken, you just need to wrap it and your smartphone was repaired. No need repairing cost. Or maybe you want change your 5th Iphone into 6th one? Just wrap it and you get what you want.

The tool also can help the archaeologists to restore an old fossil, it will be a great contribution to the archeology. Just wrap it!!! Imagine the archaeologists need to restore Borobudur, by using time cloth, they will be more effective. No more wasting time nor money to restoration. It also contribute to decrease the national budget. 😀

Sound too go good to be true, right? Never mind. You just need to remember that everything starts with a dream.


  1. Tykaaa… What a good start.. 🙂
    Aku malah blom tau nih mau alat doremon yang mana..hihihi etapi lucu juga ya kalo mau tetep cantik en awet muda tinggal bungkus kaen ae… 😀

  2. Tykaaa..What a good start… 🙂
    Aku malah blom tau nih mau posting alat doremon yang mana hihihi… Etapi keren juga ya kalo mau tetep cantik dan.awet muda, tinggal bungkus kaen ae.. 😀

  3. I think the Golden Fleece in Percy Jackson (2nd Movie) was inspired by this. LoL.

    I also like this one… wishing can fix all the things I’ve broken before.

  4. you and me both sista! … if i owned time cloth, i could fix my bumped car, renew my phone, microwave, ext … i even could makes my parents young again :mrgreen: … hell, i want to be 17 again for sure 😆

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