EF #3 How Gadget Affects My Life

Source: Google

Source: Google

Gadget such as smartphone, computer, laptop, and tablet become inseparable tools in our life today. Through the appearance of them, we can reach anyone, anytime, anywhere, by press of a button. So, about EF Challange theme this week, how gadget affects my life?  I will answer: it affects all aspects of my life. Almost impossible to life without.

Every morning, my routine begin with checking my smartphone: today schedule, missed calls, text, emails and social newsfeeds. The whole day, I work in front of computer. I usually work with a phone conversation or texting with my colleagues. They truly help me in managing my work more efficiently.

We are now into what I have called the ‘Sosial Decade’ that a smartphone not only for calling and texting, but also for connecting with colleagues, family, and friends through some social media applications such as BBM, whatsapp, line, twitter, instagram, path, etc.  I also use wordpress for android to update my blog. Beside that, I use it to capture photos and videos, listen to the music or play a game. Without it my life would be not interesting at all.

They make my life became truly much more comfortable than ever before. I receive information faster and easier than ever before. I don’t need to go out even for shopping, because I can order almost everything (especially books, imported cosmetic and skincare) through online shop from the other side of the world and the product comes at my door. How easy life when you live in the small city like me nowday.

But, believe it or not, I switched off my smartphone for a month when I had a semi-military basic employee training. It was hard in the begining, like something important missing from my life, but in the end, I could deal with it. Now, I miss that situation in my hectic workdays. I feel as if I am trapped sometimes and I can’t get away and have some peace because of the mobile phone. Yes, I can switch it off, but then, there are situations where I need to have it on. I must available over the phone 24/7 because of the work issues.

Beside that, because of my work assignments, my family and I live in different locations, if my mom can’t contacts me, She would be worries with imagination of something bad happened to me. In summary, gadget can be useful if we understand our responsibility towards usage of these devices smartly in order to get more benefit in business, education, health and social life.


18 thoughts on “EF #3 How Gadget Affects My Life

  1. 90s phrase “don’t leave you credit card while you away..” is not valid anymore :mrgreen: today we literally cannot be apart with our gadget (phone) …
    our family sometimes comunicate via whatsapp even we are in the same building (home) hehehe … because shouting is not an option (most of the time because our ears are plugin with headphone)

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