EF #2, My Wildest Dream: Be A Mutant Maker

English Friday Challenge this week is very interesting: the wildest dream. I have a lot of dreams, don’t know which the wildest one. I will tell you about my old dream -since Senior High School-, that is I want to be a geneticist or mutant maker as my friend said šŸ˜€


Source: Google


Why a geneticist? Because I love Biology so much especially about DNA. When I was Senior High School Student, I meet a first Indonesian doctor of DNA. He amazed me with all his genetic knowledge. Genetics isĀ future science that grow rapidly, one of which is a stem cell technology are widely used in treat ofĀ various diseases.Ā Ā It is beingĀ developeĀ especially for untreatedĀ diseases such as cancer. ThatĀ will be my honor if i can take part in.


I believe there will time for the dream someday


7 thoughts on “EF #2, My Wildest Dream: Be A Mutant Maker

  1. Tika, the last part of your post brought smile to my face. I came from a family with history of cancer, so please pursue your dream and create a medicine or technology to cure cancer.

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