#1 EF- The Word for 2015: WORK HARD


I’ve joined in Blog English Club (BEC). This is my first -late- post for English Friday Challenge. Today theme is about “What is your word for 2015?“. I think my word for 2015 is work hard. No, it doesn’t mean that I’m a workaholic.

I started working in BPJS Kesehatan since March 2014. I was responsible for the health insurance claims in a type B hospital, but it’s turned into four hospital now. It’s not easy work under a very big pressure. I need a good schedule to finish all of my job deadlines. No time for anything but work. It will be continue until I get a new decision letter from my director.

2015 will be a full of hard work. Wish me a miracle to pass all of this perfectly. There always be a rainbow after the rain. Just enjoy it…

*so sorry fo my bad grammar and very short post… Good night.


19 thoughts on “#1 EF- The Word for 2015: WORK HARD

  1. Woooo so u working in BPJS 🙂
    Good luck and do I need to reminder you to keep healthy? Hehehe some people working so hard until they forget to take care of their health. 🙂

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