A Man In The Future

You aren’t a boy.
You are a man,
who I miss like a crazy everyday, always…

I ask to the God:
Wish He’ll let you be my man in the future,
the one who will hold my hand until the end,
the one who will hug me tightly,
the one who will sing a lullaby everynight until I fall a sleep,
the one who will give me perfect life in the world,
the one who make me complete, no need anything…

You’re a man,
a perfect man in my eyes,
perfect vision,
warm smile,
bright small eyes with long eyelashes,
wavy black hair,
everything’s perfect.
I love everything you are…

You aren’t a boy.
You’re a man.
My future man to be.
I wish…

Surabaya, 28 Desember 2013
*for you, my only one…
Hei! Please sing me a song like before, sing a lullaby until I fall a sleep tonight… Thanks for your coming today, in my dream.
I miss you, I really do…


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