As You Know

As you know…

I’m a little weird…have a few insane talent..LOL..

that’s why travelling is a one way to control it…

To be honest…

stuck in one place without something new –just in a same activity day to day– make me stress, depression, crying unreason, and so on.

In situation like that my imagination will danger myself,

I’ll begin speak loudly in my head, my head’s full of ‘twits’ –so noisy, *sigh.

And then I’ll continue to crying without sound–just a liter tears fall from my eyes– …And…

I just feel I’m an actress in poor TV’s drama, be a drama queen..yeah, something like that.

A person who can realize between reality and imagination.

A person who sleep-awake every hours from a nightmare…a person who begin ruin her future life…

When I begin my first step to walking, just like all my suffer fly away… 😀


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